Contradiction in Ramana Maharshi?

Giri gmadras at ENGR.UCDAVIS.EDU
Sun Apr 20 15:55:12 CDT 1997

On Sun, 20 Apr 1997, Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian wrote:

> can be performed (or suitable action can be taken) to avoid pain or gain
> certain fruits. But there is no point in doing more actions. It makes more
> sense to endure the pains and be detached from the pleasures and turn the mind
> inward.

        Namaste. I just wanted to add that to decide there is no point
in doing the actions, or to be detached or turn the mind inward *requires*
        Rama, Vidya and Wikner have pointed this before. Ramana Maharshi
in his 'talks with RM' says 'Effort is required so long as there is mind.'
(page 481, I think). This does not mean that we should be proud of the
effort, but actions should be done without the thought of the 'I am the doer.'
This would make it more clear, (from Day by Day..)

D : But we see pain in the world..Are we to call it a dream and remain
unmoved by his pain ?

M : Till you reach the state of jnana and thus wake out of this maya,
you must do social service by relieving the suffering whenever you see it.
But even then you must do it, as we are told, without ahamkara i.e without
the sense of "I am the doer.' but feeling 'I am the Lord's tool.'
Similarly one must not be conceited, 'I am helping a man below me ...'
All such service too is for the Self, not for anybody else. You are
not helping anybody else, but only yourSelf.

[By blessing others and wishing well for others, in reality, we are wishing
good for ourselves since there is nothing other than your Self - Swami

        To say all this happens effortlessly is not correct. Only a jnani
can live effortlessly. So, it can be asked who makes the effort ? The jeeva
which *thinks* it is different from Atman, and the entity which thinks it
suffers, enjoys etc. is making the effort to remove the false impressions
that it has a gross, subtle or casual body or five sheaths. Only when it
is discovered that the jeeva is always Atman, then effortless living takes

AUM shaantiH.

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