Contradiction in Ramana Maharshi?

Cameron Reilly cjreilly at OZEMAIL.COM.AU
Sun Apr 20 18:45:29 CDT 1997

At 13:55 20/04/97 -0700, Giri wrote:
>        Namaste. I just wanted to add that to decide there is no point
>in doing the actions, or to be detached or turn the mind inward *requires*
>        Rama, Vidya and Wikner have pointed this before. Ramana Maharshi
>in his 'talks with RM' says 'Effort is required so long as there is mind.'
>(page 481, I think). This does not mean that we should be proud of the
>effort, but actions should be done without the thought of the 'I am the
>This would make it more clear, (from Day by Day..)

I agree that in some cases, effort is required. As we are aware, in other
cases the awakening happens completely "out of the blue". But even when
effort *is* required, this effort is not the result of choice. The effort
is spontaneous.

>        To say all this happens effortlessly is not correct. Only a jnani
>can live effortlessly. So, it can be asked who makes the effort ? The jeeva
>which *thinks* it is different from Atman, and the entity which thinks it
>suffers, enjoys etc. is making the effort to remove the false impressions
>that it has a gross, subtle or casual body or five sheaths. Only when it
>is discovered that the jeeva is always Atman, then effortless living takes

It is important to understand that the jeeva is illusory. It never had
volition - it never will have volition.

The Jnani lives no differently to anyone else. The only difference is that
the Jnani *knows* that his or her actions appear spontaneously while the
jeeva still thinks that he or she has choice.


Cameron Reilly

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