What do you think of this (2) ???

VP Nandakumar nandav01 at M0E3S33.NMB.NORWEST.COM
Mon Apr 28 16:04:22 CDT 1997

"This stone within a length of time will perhaps be soil and from the soil it
will become a plant, animal or man. Previously I would've said : 'This stone is
just a stone; it has no value, it belongs to the world of Maya, but perhaps
because within the cycle of change it can also become man and spirit, it's also
of importance'. But now I think : 'This stone is stone, it's also animal, God
and Buddha. I don't respect and love it because it was one thing and will become
something else, but because it's already long been everything and always is
everything. I love it just because it's a stone and now it appears to me a
stone. I see value and meaning in each one of it's fine markings and cavities,
in the yellow, in the gray, in the hardness and the sound of it when I knock it,
in the dryness and dampness of it's surface. There are stones that feel like oil
or soap, that looks like leaf or sand and each one is different and worships Om
in it's own way; each one is Brahman. At the same time it is very much stone.
oily or soapy, and that is just what pleases me and seems wonderful and worthy
of worship.

But I will say no more about it. Words do not express thoughts very well. They
always become a little different immediately after they're expessed, a little
distorted, a little foolish. Yet it also pleases me and seems right that what is
of value and wisdom to one man seems nonsense to another."

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