Pressure and A-dvaita

Srinivas Prasad prasad at NSRC.NUS.SG
Mon Apr 28 22:45:04 CDT 1997

> From:    Giri <gmadras at ENGR.UCDAVIS.EDU>
>         If happiness depends on toyota corrollas (sp ?) and dollars, then
> we should all be miserable during deep sleep when we don't have anything.
> A king is a not a king, a poor man is not a poor man, there is just
> happiness in deep sleep. Naturally, there is no "pressure" to carry out
> work in deep sleep. What is different from the deep sleep and the waking
> state ? Only the thought as 'I' as an separate individual.
   Happiness is a relative term, Sri shankara has told one can't worship
  2 deity at the same time. So we can't claim that I am driving Toyota
  corola and earning US $ still I claim dettached. Which is impossible.

  I am not against US$ or Toyota Corolla, But Just imagine a guy joined
  a new job earning 60k he takes weeks to decide which car to buy. So what
  is that ????, He gets happiness in choosing the best car. So either one
  should be totally dettached or accept this mundane world of "RAT RACE"
  as a part of the culture.

  Attachment to US $ and Honda Toyota drives One to go to US, common
  don't tell it is for the "Quest  for  Knoweledge".


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