Dennis Waite dwaite at INTERALPHA.CO.UK
Wed Aug 13 15:35:16 CDT 1997

I do not wish to embark upon a 'yes he is', 'no he isn't' argument about
Osho's worth. Basically, I do not know what sort of a person he was. I was
speaking to someone last week who claimed to know him in the latter part of
his life and said he was being slowly poisoned by 'the doctor' for the last
year or two of his life and this 'doctor' was probably in the pay of the
CIA. Yes, it's sensational hearsay and can be given no real credence. But, I
would argue, neither can Jaldhar's opinion. Does he have any genuine
knowledge or is it merely negative hearsay rather than positive hearsay?

All I know is that, for the past two or three years, I have been building up
a reference list of pointers to useful explanations, stories, etc, from all
the books I have read on all advaita-related topics so that, when I am
presenting material to my group at the SES, I can supplement the material
provided with additional readings. The numbers of references to material by
Osho is very large, quite out of proportion to the number of books etc. I
have read by him. This must count for something.


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