Nanda Kumar nkumar at OPPENHEIMERFUNDS.COM
Fri Aug 15 09:09:45 CDT 1997

Oh, how I love to fan the already raging fire!

Gummuluru Murthy, doesn't the Upanishads say, "those who desire
offsprings are doomed to a world of darkness"?

Also it's a point that during Vedic times, in a society driven with so much
thought and philosophy, external sanyaasin might not have been really
necessary. But when external influences started creeping in from other
lands and cultures creating distraction and disrupting the Vedic way of
life and thought, such a line of thought, as the taking up of external
sanyaasin, might have cropped up. This also might be the reason that
Brahmins consider those who went aboard or out of India as "ashudh"
or unclean - because their minds might have been influenced (or
polluted) with ideas from other cultures which wasn't in line with the
Vedic thought.

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