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Sada thanks for a good response.   I am not judging others.  May be I did not
get point straight.   You see I am trying to brief and complete in my
writings like sutras. Writing pages and pages does not prove anything except
the writers ego.

If you understand Shankara and Ramana What else do you ned?  Somebody to come
along and say the same things.    That shows one does not understand Shankara
and thinks that this man understands the truth better.  I not only understand
what shankara says but I believe in it.  There is only one TRUTH!

Your second point "How does it matter whether someone like Ramana realized or
not and how to test.      Well, we all learn and follow the path to get
there, not outside but inside.

Regarding grace I mentioned the same point to Sri Chinmayananda.  His answer
is almost similar to yours.  Great man he replied to all my questions in
writing and I learned a lot from his writings.    I have to agree with RAMA
(saint) He said thet unless Devis Grace falls on you, your mind wont to turn
towards her.  Inother words initial action is divine.

Shubham                                            Nagy

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