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Tue Aug 19 05:34:18 CDT 1997


I read many of the discussions on Osho. Venkat had asked a question.Who
is to decide what is right or wrong?
True, these are relative. But I believe that everyone has to choose some
standards. The advaita sampradaya accepts the Shruthi as such a
standard.In fact it is the  pramanam that can reveal Brahman. One is
free to accept or reject the Shruthi but the Shruthi statements have
been tested and verified by sages till the present age. Ultimately it is
the goal that matters,yet instead of believing in a path that a human
claims to have propounded, it seems more reliable to depend on the time
tested  apaurusheya Shruthi.
I might sound dogmatic. But i believe that accepting the Vedas as the
means for jnanam will lead one to the truth.The Upanishads have a
logical structure and ofcourse the advaitic acharyas have presented the
truths in a convincing fashion, relying on Shruthi Yukthi and anubhava.


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