Osho is NOT the speaker!

Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian rbalasub at ECN.PURDUE.EDU
Wed Aug 20 09:30:49 CDT 1997

Charles A. Hillig wrote:

>  Maybe we should just leave Osho alone.

Chuck, I fully agree with this sentiment of yours.

>    Maybe we need to stop trying to discover who Osho is/was
>              and focus, instead, on discovering who WE are.

Again I agree. But let me ask you a question. Which would you follow, Mein
Kampf or Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi? I would think the latter. Everywhere
one has to make some decisions and this involves some judgment.

In other words, one has to make a decision whether to follow Mein Kampf or
Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi. It involves a decision. The decision can be
made only based on some reasonings and not some wishy-washy "my inner mind will
tell me" nonsense. We can see one whole generation of Germans being misled
since they used emotion rather than logic. However, the point is not to go
raving and ranting, ad infinitum about Hitler. That way one will be needlessly
wasting one's energy and doesn't serve any purpose.

Here the question was "Is Osho's teaching consistent with advaita or any kind
of logic at all"? The answer is No.

The votaries of "non-judgment" are in such ecstasy patting themselves and each
other in the back for being non-judgemental that they don't notice this. They
also don't notice how judgemental they are in judging others as judgemental! I
am not comparing Osho's writings with something like Mein Kampf, that's not the
point here.

The main reason for my post was that Osho's writings do not make any logical
sense from the point of view of advaita (even otherwise, as a matter of fact).
I pointed that out along with my reasoning of why Osho was so successful,
especially with middle aged rich men (as seen by 90 odd Rolls Royces).

I hope you appreciate what my position on this is.


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