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Fri Aug 22 19:54:06 CDT 1997

Sada there are a few things you mentioned I am afraid I have to dispute.

All the people you mentioned are fiction.  We just make ourselves to believe
that they existed.  Can You mention one single human present or recent past
who is a samsari. I guess most people with comeup with this man in Bombay,
 Nisargadda or something like that.   All he said is repetition of Ramana and
Shankara.  Recently they accused another man for repeating others teaching.
 The truth is only one. How does it matter who repeats and reaps money.
   The best example from recent past is Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.   But then
he maintained strict celibacy.

I agree one need not be a sanyasi but that ashram is more conducive to attain
Gnanam faster.  For  samsari on the otherhand  it is a uphill battle.

Most important of all is Devi's grace.  If Devi's grace falls on one, nothing
is impossible.

"daya to nasti durbhiksham  -   Japa to nasti durlabham"

I madeup  this statement - if you disagree feel free to let me know.  But
remember its Gods grace that make it happen.  Sanyasi or samsari does not
matter they are different occupations.

Shubham                                                          Nageswar

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