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Fri Aug 22 14:49:27 CDT 1997

On Fri, 22 Aug 1997, sadananda wrote:

> Improbable is better word as long as it is not zero probability although


> difficulties involved in the apparent path, and the need for atleast
> internal renunciation for Moksha. Let us all work towards that.

        I completely agree. His Holiness Sringeri acharya mentions that
first we should practice the simple dharma (like speaking truth, doing our
duties, and sense-control etc.) before we start embarking on knowledge of

> I am reminded of the Kathopanishad sloka whipping us to get up:
>         uttishTa, Jaagrata, praapyavaraan nibodhita,
>         kshurasya dhaara duratyayaa, durgam pathanaath kavayo vadanti -
>  am I missing a word or two in this?
>         Arize, awake - receive the teaching from a best among the teachers,
> the path is difficult like the edge of a knife says the wise.

uttishhThata jaagrata praapya varaannibodhata .
kshurasya dhaaraa nishitaa duratyayaa durgaM pathastatkavayo vadanti
                                                                .. I.3.14..

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