Maanasa-yaatraa to the 12 Jyotirlinga's - Omkareshwar

Mon Aug 25 15:04:39 CDT 1997

  kaaverikaanarmadayoH pavitre
    samaagame sajjanataaraNaaya |
  sadaiva maandhaatR^ipure vasanta-
    moN^kaaramiishaM shivamekamiiDe ||

  kaaverikaanarmadayoH - Of the rivers Kaveri and Narmada
  pavitre - sacred
  samaagame - the confluence
  sajjanataaraNaaya - in order make saintly people  cross (the ocean of
  sadaiva - always
  maandhaatR^ipure - In the town of Maandhaataa
  vasantaM - residing
  oN^kaaramiishaM - Lord AUMkaareshvara
  shivamekamiiDe - I praise Shiva, One without a second

   I praise Shiva known as Lord Omkaareshvara, the One without a second,
   who , in order to make saintly people cross the ocean of saMsaara,
   always resides in the town of Maandhaataa at the sacred confluence of
   the rivers Kaaverii and narmadaa.

   About Omkareshwar: This extraordinary jyotirlinga is found at an
   extraordinary site in current Madhya Pradesh. At the confluence of the
   rivers Kaveri and Narmada, is an island shaped like an AUM, the holiest
   of all holy symbols. This island is home to the beautiful temple
   of the Jyotirlinga of Shiva known as Shri Omkar Mandhata.

   Reaching there: About 77 kms. from Indore by bus is the place called
   Mortakka, also called Omkareshwar junction. Private buses take pilgrims
   from Mortakka to Omkareshwar, the distance being 13 kms. Accommodation
   is available at the Holkar Guest House or a number of "Dharmashalas",
   places constructed for charity.

   According to one account, another linga called amaleshvara is also found


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