Brahman, maaya and the mind

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Wed Feb 5 01:20:07 CST 1997

> Brahman, that is described by negation through the various upanishads
> (neti, neti) is well beyond what the human mind can grasp through its
> only tool, the logic.
> Human mind is in the control of maaya which is anaadi. Human mind cannot
> grasp maaya either.
> Then what purpose is the intricate explanation by the advaitic sages to
> try to make advaita understandable to the human mind ? [I do not mean by
> this statement that sadhana or meditation is irrelevant. Meditation is
> the only procedure that leads to advaitic experience.]
> The only thing that is required is: we should be blessed with advaitic
> experience. Tarka or intricate probing into advaitic philosophy is only
> of technical interest.
> On the other hand, the first Brahma sutra says "athaato brahma jignaasa",
> i.e enquiry into Brahman. Will that enquiry utilizing the thought process
> of the brain (mind) lead to realization graspable by the mind ?

The only thing the mind is capable of realizing is that it hasn't the
ability to realize [Reality].  Enquiry is the means for the Mind to
discover this.  Once it's discovered, the Mind can no longer hold its
jiva captive and victimized/manipulated [as a leaf at the mercy of the
wind].  And since the Mind is no longer the commander-in-chief attempting
to dictate Reality, the Self (Paramatman) automatically surfaces.  In the
strictest sense, there is nothing (no entity) that realizes anything else
(another entity).  Rather the Self shines unimpeded.  The fogbank of
avarana is isolated in the beam of atmavichara and burned away by the
sun of the Self.  Atman was always there, only the mysterious fog seems
to block it.  Yet such fog isn't in the least substantial.  Here lies
the paradox that would be better left forgotton, for indeed *there is no
paradox* upon honest enquiry!  It simply all crumbles itself into a dream
of perfect void.

Yes, Brahman is all that is.  Doubts are so many fictions...



Frank Maiello
"Who am I apart from Thee?"

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