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Some time back I requested Sri G.Murthy to post a question on my behalf as my
computer was taken by my son to college.  The computer is back now and here
am posting the same question giving some background information and my
I believe Atma Anubhuti, Self-Realization, Mukti and Moksham all mean
samething. It is not easy to achieve any Jnanam let alone Brahmajnanam or
Atamanubhuti.  Either one has to have grace of Devi OR have plenty of
satkarma in possession to go on the path of spiritual enlightenment.  To
achieve realization one has to do intense sadhana with ekagrata OR it could
happen instantly for those who are blessed. When the worshiper and the
worshiped become one- Realization Results.
I found out from experience that there are two steps in the process:

Step 1.  One is Aware
Step 2. That "one" disappears and only Awareness remains.

The transition from step 1 to step 2 is very difficlut if not impossible.
 One encounters Fear as one is stepping into uncharted territory and afraid
of loosing identity.  Attachments and Responsibilities, EGO in general
prevents from proceeding further. When one reaches 2nd step, body
consciousness is discarded, then there is no identity and there is no second-
One becomes One with universal consciousness/Brahman.

Ten years ago I explained my experience to my father and asked whether I
should try taking the second step.  My father was a great Shiva bhakta and he
understood and appreciated my experience but to my surprise, he strongly
advised not to venture until such time that I do not have any
responsibilities.  I look at responsibilities and attachments as impediments
but I can not escape from them for various reasons.

My question is what prevents and stops the transition from step 1 to step 2
stated above.  In my opinion it is the EGO fearful of loosing identity.  Your
explanation or comment will be appreciated.

I discussed this matter with my friend Sada on phone, who kindly provided
some insight and am greatful to him for patiently answering all my questions.

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