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VP Nandakumar nandav01 at M0E3S33.NMB.NORWEST.COM
Thu Feb 6 09:22:31 CST 1997


        I'm Nandakumar and work as a  Database administrator for a bank in Iowa,
US. I was born and brought up in Madras. Coming from an orthodox brahmin family,
complete with the sacred thread, I've said prayers morning and evening, without
really understanding them.

        Being curious by nature and always demanding answers of logic and
reason, my faith in my religion had evoporated by the time I was out of college.
Then on, moral personal conduct and justification was what I help supreme.

        Then a few years back, I read this book called "The Razor's Edge" by
Somerset Maugham (I'm a voracious reader), which explained concepts about my
religion which I'd never heard of, but which made great sense to me!

        The concepts in the book were based on Advaita. From then on I've tried
to enrich my knowledge in the subject and I'm still in the beginner level. I'm
sure this discussion group will enrich me further.

        By the way, Advaita is being taught in the London School of Economics
and advertisements for the course were all over the tube stations in London.


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