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Mon Feb 10 13:18:40 CST 1997

     Giri <gmadras at ENGR.UCDAVIS.EDU> wrote:
> [...]
> >    world is the translation by John Grimes (sp?), which is part of his
> >    book on Ganesha. He also describes the eight centers of Ganesha worship,
> >    (ashhTa-vinaayaka's), sacred to the GaaNapatyas, and narrates the
> >    associated legends and symbolism of Ganesha.
>         This is a good book, imho. The title of the book is
> 'Ganapati: Song of the Self.' and is published by the Suny Press in 1995.
> The author atleast seems to exhibit devotion (maybe because of his
> training in SYDA), rather than writing about Ganesha like a research paper.

   I liked the spirit in which the author has written the book. It is very
   different from the usual "cold, scientific" attitude shown by
   scholars. In fact, Grimes is able to reconcile everything in the
   Vedas, and the PuraaNas too, with his own thinking. He narrates
   every detail of legends about Ganesha and His devotees with great
   devotion. The reader cannot but be touched by this aspect.


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