Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian rbalasub at ECN.PURDUE.EDU
Tue Feb 11 13:19:45 CST 1997

Giri wrote:

>         There are three editions of the Saiva upanisads published by the
> adyar library (afaik). The ones published in 1950, 1988 are by Mahadeva
> Sastri and don't have english translations. The 1953 edition contains the
> translation by T.R.Srinivas Ayyangar. The last time my friend visited the
> adyar library, they did not have this edition. Maybe one can get it from
> the theosophical society in US.

They still don't have it (as of Jan 1997). In fact I took a look at their
catalog which lists all their present publications and the English translation
of the shaiva upanishhad-s is not available. The Sanskrit version with Upanishad
brahma yogin's commentary is available.

There are a lot of other interesting works on mantra shastra etc which are
available in this store. If anyone goes to Madras and are interested in this
kind of stuff, please check the place out.


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