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On Mon, 10 Feb 1997, Rushikesh K. Joshi wrote:

> > Ten years ago I explained my experience to my father and asked whether I
> > should try taking the second step.  My father was a great Shiva bhakta and
> > understood and appreciated my experience but to my surprise, he strongly
> > advised not to venture until such time that I do not have any
> > responsibilities.
> He gave a very correct advice.
> And he meant: "until you donot feel that you are responsible"

No he meant until you do not have any responsibilities.  There's a big
difference.  It's only the uneducated modern Gurus who encourage people to
be irresponsible layabouts.  Advaita has always strongly upheld the Astika
Vedic Dharma.  Either one should live the householders life or one should
renounce it entirely.  There is no room for those who try and do both as
they tend to end up doing neither.

> You don't have to be away from your responsibilities. Can't you perform them
> with detachment ? Why take the doership to you ? When you have so much
> devotion to Devi, why not perform duties as she makes you perform ? Why not
> everything is happening due to her will ? She knows the best and she cannot
> be wrong.

This is fine and proper. But it is not sufficient for samadhi which is
incompatible with worldly life.

One should take a good look at oneself and decide what they are capable
of.  If the pull of samsara is there one should practice the duties
enjoined in the karma kanda not deviating by one letter.  If there are no
attachments one should renounce everything.

Nageshwar Rao is one of the truly blessed people on this Earth that he has
faith in Mataji and someone who can give him good advice.  it would be a
great shame if he was led astray by faulty conclusions.

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