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Wed Feb 12 00:05:22 CST 1997

Several translations of Ganapatyatharvasirsopanisad are available. Most
of the following are cited by Grimes in his book.

1. Ganapatyatharvasirsopanisad by Sukthankar.
2. Ganapati : Song of the Self by Grimes
3. Saiva upanisads translated by Srinivas Ayyangar
4. Aum Ganesha : The peace of God by Navaratnam
5. Ganesha : Lord of Obstacles, Lord of Beginnings by Courtright
6. Glory of Ganesha by Swami Chinmayananda
7. Ganesha Kosha by Rao.

One can find the transliterated text of this and other Ganesha stotra-s at

Recitation of this text during chaturthi is indeed special !

AUM shailendratanujotsaN^gakelanotsukamaanasaaya namaH

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