Yoga sutra bhashya vivarana

Giri gmadras at ENGR.UCDAVIS.EDU
Thu Feb 13 15:21:41 CST 1997

On Thu, 13 Feb 1997, Jaldhar H. Vyas wrote:

> >         I am sure you have not just heard the names of these famous
> > Indologists but atleast read a couple of books by *each of them* Why don't
> > you read the comprehensive research paper by Prof.  Nakamura on the
> > authencity of the work ? While at it, why don't you pick up the book by
> > Trevor Leggett on the whole issue ?
> As you know there are also a number of scholars who doubt the works
> authenticity.  There is a synopsis of the various arguments in the
> Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies edited by Karl Potter.

        In your reply to Rama, you asked for names who supported that
Shankara wrote the vivarana, and I provided a short list. Prof. Nakamura
in his papers, and Trevor Leggett in his book effectively tackle the
arguments of other scholars. I can also cite and quote from various other
documents, and we can talk about the style of Shankara and Sanskrit
prevalent at that time. We can talk for years on the authenticity of works
of Shankara, especially those like Vivekachudamani, vivarana, bhashya of
the adhyatma patala of the apastamba sutra etc. and still not come to any
reasonable conclusion. Darn, there are even a few scholars (not western)
who say Shankara was born in the BC's. It is not my intention to convince
you or anyone else that Shankara wrote the vivarna or any other work. I am
only asking you the papers and books by Trevor Leggett, Nakamura, Mayeda
etc and if you are still not convinced, that's entirely your choice. As
for me, I read the vivarna, read both sides of the argument on the
authenticity and feel that Shankara did write the vivarna. Individual
mileage may vary :-)

> have made more sense to do it in his Shrividya works.  Doesn't the
> Saundarya Lahari mention some yogic concepts?

        Not many scholars would agree with the statement that Shankara
composed saundarya lahari. Regarding research papers on this subject, I
will refrain from posting them. Rama and I discussed this issue thro'
private e-mails a long time back and he sort of convinced me :-)

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