Yoga sutra bhashya vivarana

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On Thu, 13 Feb 1997, Giri wrote:


> and if you are still not convinced, that's entirely your choice. As
> for me, I read the vivarna, read both sides of the argument on the
> authenticity and feel that Shankara did write the vivarna. Individual
> mileage may vary :-)

On Saturday I had the opportunity to look at Leggetts edition.  Which was
interesting but I'm still not convinced.  Perhaps it was a work of some
later Jagadguru but not Adya Shankaracharya.  Still, I'll agree that
reasonable people can disagree on this.

>  Not many scholars would agree with the statement that Shankara
> composed saundarya lahari.

But practically all advaitins would.  So once again we're in the position
of havng to assess different claims.  The position I'm trying to stake
here is betwwen on the one hand an "anything goes" mentality where all
that matters is it "feels right" and at the other extreme a kind of Vedic
(or Indological) fundamentalism.  The Vajrasuchi upanishad is not just not
mainstream it is completely of the radar.  Same with the YSBV.  It may or
may not be genuine but the fact is it has up till now been ignored.  So it
is intellectually dishonest to present these types of works as being
authorities when they are not part of our living heritage.

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