Giri gmadras at ENGR.UCDAVIS.EDU
Wed Feb 19 14:09:26 CST 1997

The organization affliated with Atmananda runs a small school called
Organization for Atma Vidya Educational Foundation (oavef). Their web site
is, i think, Their e-mail address is, i
think, oavef at The school based in Austin, Texas is run after a
model school in Kerala, India.


i sent this to Kartik in reply to his query but he wanted me to post this on
the list,

The reason why saints are buried and not burnt is that because
they have already been burned by the fire of knowledge and there is no
need to burn something burnt already (this is the reason given in the

        Further, in some traditions, before taking sanyas, funeral
ceremonies are conducted which signifies that the body/caste/color.. are
all dead for him. The person taking sanyas lies down on the wood for
sometime and then he lits the funeral pyre himself.


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