Arvind Kumar exuaxk at EXU.ERICSSON.SE
Fri Feb 21 16:48:11 CST 1997

Hi all,

In a private communication to me in response to my recent post,
Frank Maiello (Egodust) wrote this regarding Advaita-L:

>Isn't it true--from what I've seen, anyway--that this list is
>like the eye of the internet hurricane [of otherwise less than
>respectful ideological exchanges].

This reminds me very much of a chapter from Atma Nirvriti by
Sri Atmananda entitled "Puja of the Sense Organs and the Mind",
which may be of interest to everyone on the list:

"I am pure happiness. All the activities of the sense organs and
the mind aim at happiness.

Thus all their activities are puja done to me.

I am ever in repose disinterestedly perceiving this puja.

Again and again they touch Me unawares and lapse into passivity.

Coming out of it, they continue their puja again.

Once they understand that by their activities they are doing
puja to Me, and in passivity they lie touching Me, all their
suffering ceases.

Thereafter, action done will be no action, and passivity will
be no passivity, because ignorance has been rooted out."

Hari Om!


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