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>Subj:    Shalagram
>Date:    97-02-21 17:46:24 EST
>From:    Chelluri
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>                                      Matrenamah
>This is to provide info to Sri Kartik on location where one finds shaligrams
>Last October I was in a place called "Srikurmam" on east coast in Andhra
>Pradesh near Srikakulam.  There I met a couple of gentlemen- one a priest in
>the temple and another an orthodox vaishanvite.  It seems they both went to
>this place to collect shaligrams (spelling may be incorrect).  It is located
>on the shore of river gandaki in Nepal himalayas.  According to them the
>journey is very difficult if not impossible.  If you need further information
>let me know I will try to contact them
>                                                                     Nageswar
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