Srinivas Prasad prasad at NSRC.NUS.SG
Wed Feb 26 21:50:34 CST 1997

  Dear Friends

    Some questions,

  1) When we look at the Picture of  GOD  what ever the description
     shown ( Shanka, chakra, Four hands etc ....) , Is it just an Imagination
     or the description from a person who has really seen  GOD.
     Any Ref. from great authors ....

 2) As i know Shankara composed " Bhaja Govindam" (hope i am right)
    Why do we consider Shankara is against Vishnava philosophy
    Since Shankara composed Bhajagovindam I am sure he was worshipping
    Lord Vishnu.

 3)  I don't deny the fact that Ramayana and Mahabarath ocuured on this
     Earth. I want to know how can we relate to Darwin's Theroy and
     Evelution theory. How old is Ramayana some thing like 5000BC or...

     Because Evelution  Theory is based on 2-3 Million years.

     So Can we conclude First is Evolution and Surrvival for the Fittest
     and then Ramayan -. > Mahabharath -> Kaliyug (present).
     I am sure somewhere i am wrong.

   4)  How did Shankara 's life came to an end.


    srinivas Prasad

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