If advaita stands, all other systems(including dvaita) fall

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Tue Jan 7 22:20:53 CST 1997

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>  The other category consists of philosophies which accept nihilism. Buddhist
>  schools are examples.
>  advaita is clearly nondualistic and at the same time non-nihilistic. By this
>  very definition, if advaita is established, all the dualistic philosophies
>  as well as the nihilistic ones are demolished.

  Somehow I have always found the criticism of dvaitins that advaita is
  with buddhism to be very valid.

  Buddhists say that the reality behind everything is emptiness and advaitins
  that the reality behind everything is non-dual brahman. Both are two different
  words to denote something which is beyond all dualities and can be treated as

  Of course in buddhism it is negation and in advaita it is affirmation, but
  are concepts which point to the same eternal non-dual state beyond all

  Therefore IMO the core of both buddhism and advaita teachings are the same
  they differ in details and practice.

  This is the reason why many advaitins are somewhat familiar with buddhist

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>  Anand


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