Agony of the soul (?) etc

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Wed Jan 8 23:29:58 CST 1997

> Shri Vyas argues: Being in samsara leads to sukha and dukha and the only
> way to be away from sukha and dukha is to take literal sannyasa ashrama.
> I argue that a literal sannyasa (sannyasis as we see in India) does not
> mean anything. Manasa sannyasa, exemplified by the grihastha in the above
> example is as superior a state as the literal sannyasa which Shri Vyas
> favours.

Ok so being a sannyasi doesn't guarantee mukti.  But not being a sannyasi
guarantees not achieving mukti.  Put another way, a sannyasi has some
chance of escaping sukha and dukha.  A samsari person has no chance.

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