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> It's a shallow assessment of Buddha's teaching to conclude he literally
> implied that Reality was an empty Void (as it would be of the deeper
> transmissions of Advaita {lit. ajatavaada} referring to the same Void...

It is equally shallow to assume Buddhists do not believe reality is void
simply because you say so.  Care to provide some proof of your assertion?
As I and others have pointed out the acharyas of the Advaita parampara have
interpreted the Buddhist position as the non-existance of any ultimate
reality.  It should be easy to tell if they were right or wrong.

Furthermore you have misinterpreted the Vedantic notion of 'ajatavaada' by
which I presume you mean ajaativaada.  The Buddhists believe objects pass
in and out of existence.  They are all created and they will all be
destroyed.  Advaitins believe all objects are uncreated and will not be
destroyed.  What is termed creation is just a change of state as all
objects share the real substratum of Brahman.  It is Maya which is
responsible for their apparent creation and destruction.

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