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Sri Gummaluru Murthy worte:
>Disturbance of the mind comes about because of our ability to think.
>If only we cannot think.
 Dr. Chopra says in that show: "... Human ability
>is to think. Much greater ability is not to think..... ".

>Gummuluru Murthy

My thoughts on these!

Thinking is not the problem just as breathing is not a problem.  Consious
thinking which is nothing but contemplation where mind with full
deleberation is directed to think, that thinking leads to knowledge.
Krishna's teaching involes thinking.  So is the teaching of Nisargadatta
Maharaj or Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi. Capacity to think is the glory of the
mind.  Trying to stop that, is a useless pursuit.  Contemplation with
inquirty to the very source of thinking can lead to a disolution of
thinking - like "analyze the analysit".  There the  absence of thoughts is
not deliberate but natural. One can go crazy in trying to supress the
thoughts.  Drugs can do that job very easily!

Our problem is the habitual thinking.  Thoughts jump from one to the other
because of our vasanas or likes and dislikes before I am fully aware of it.
Habitual thinking that I am the thinker is the big problem! Thinking that
thinking is a problem is another problem!

Dr. Chopra is not saying any thing different from what has been said.  I am
not sure if he is fully conscious of the truth of the quated statements.
... Much greater ability is not think consciously!  But that state not by
suppressing the thoughts but by sublimating the thoughts at the alter of

I am also not saying anything that is different from what has been said! ..
Rest of the statements also can follow!

Hari Om!

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