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At 10:10 PM 1/16/97 +0530, you wrote:
>> Thinking is not the problem just as breathing is not a problem.  Consious
>> thinking which is nothing but contemplation where mind with full
>> deleberation is directed to think, that thinking leads to knowledge.
>> Krishna's teaching involes thinking.  So is the teaching of Nisargadatta
>> Maharaj or Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi. Capacity to think is the glory of
>> mind.  Trying to stop that, is a useless pursuit.  Contemplation with
>> inquirty to the very source of thinking can lead to a disolution of
>> thinking - like "analyze the analysit".  There the  absence of thoughts
>> not deliberate but natural. One can go crazy in trying to supress the
>> thoughts.  Drugs can do that job very easily!
>Yes, very true. And it is that natural state that leads beyond the bounds
>of the intellect and mind and in which direct perception happens, and it is
>from here that one proceeds to the state where subject, object and
>perception are one, where Brahman is realised by _being_ THAT.
>What you say is an important aspect that needs to be mentioned in
>connection with going beyond mind.
>Greetings and Om,
>Swami Vishvarupananda

     I agree.  Thinking itself  is not the problem.  The only so-called
"problem" is found in the Thinker who thinks that HE is the one who is

     (I think!)  ;-)

                         With Blessings,

                                    Chuck Hillig

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