Verse from Chandrashekhara-ashhTaka

Anand Hudli ahudli at APPN.CI.IN.AMERITECH.COM
Mon Jan 20 10:00:35 CST 1997

  We have a soma-pradoshha today, extending from sunset to about
  2 1/2 hours thereafter. This period is sacred for the worship
  of Shiva.

  The second verse from Chandrashekhara-ashhTaka. There is a story
  about MaarkaNDeya who was destined to die at the age of sixteen. When
  the appointed time approached, his parents became very sad. But the boy
  assured his parents that he would overcome Death by worshipping Shiva.
  He went to the temple and became absorbed in the worship of the Shiva
  linga. Yama (Death) sent his messengers to fetch the boy's life. But
  they were unable to approach the sanctum sanctorum of the temple where
  the boy was engaged worshipping Shiva. Seeing the inability of the
  messengers in taking away MaarkaNDeya's life, Yama himself came to
  do the job. But Shiva appeared from the linga and kicked Yama on the
  chest. MaarkaNDeya thus conquered Death and became a chiranjiivin.

  bhaalalochana-jaatapaavaka-dagdhamanmathavigrahaM  |
  bhasmadigdhakalevaraM bhavanaashinaM bhavamavyayaM
  chandrashekharam-aashraye mama kiM karishhyati vai yamaH ||

   paJNchapaadapa - the five trees: Mandaara, paarijaata,
                    santaana, kalpavR^ikshha and Harichandana
   pushhpagandhi - the fragrance of the flowers
   padaaMbujadvayashobhitaM - the two lotus feet enhance the
                              brilliance (of Him)
   bhaalalochanajaatapaavaka - the fire arising from the eye in the
   dagdhamanmathavigrahaM - burned up the body of Kaama, the god of love,
   bhasmadigdhakalevaraM - whose body is smeared by ashes (bhasma)
   bhavanaashinaM - the destroyer of bhava (samsaara) or further birth
   bhavamavyayaM - the imperishable Bhava (Shiva)
   chandrashekharamaashraye - I seek refuge in Shri Chandrashekhara (Shiva)
                               (the Lord who bears the moon on His head)
   mama kiM karishhyati vai yamaH - what will Yama (Death) do to me?

   The two lotus feet of Lord Shiva, bearing the fragrance of the flowers
   from the five kinds of trees (which are used to worship them),
   enhance the brilliance of Him. His (third) eye, situated in His
   forehead, burned up the body of Kaama, the god of Love. The body of
   the imperishable Bhava, who destroys futher births, is smeared by
   ashes. I seek refuge in that Chandrashekhara (the Lord who bears the
   moon on his head). What will Death do to me?


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