ADVAITA-L Digest - 18 Jan 1997 to 19 Jan 1997

Giri gmadras at ENGR.UCDAVIS.EDU
Mon Jan 20 13:34:07 CST 1997

[Have not read the digest for the past three weeks, so please excuse me
if the following has already been stated by someone else.]

Vidya wrote:

> SrIharsha's khaNDana-khaNDa-khAdya has been published many times in the
> Sanskrit original.

        There are some translations in English. Our library has the one
by P.E. Granoff. Have also come across a translation by Ganganatha Jha.
Jha has translated several advaitic works including the advaita siddhi
of Madhusudana Sarasvati. I think the author of the book 'A source book
of Advaita vedanta.' cites a source for another translation.

> published with translations, commentaries etc. citsukha has written a
> commentary called abhiprAya-prakASikA, on maNDana miSra's brahmasiddhi,
> the bhAva-tattva-prakASikA on sureSvara's naishkarmyasiddhi, and an
> independent work called tattvapradIpikA, also known as citsukhI.

        Though 'A source book of Advaita vedanta' states that citsukhii
has not been translated into english, Swami Satprakashnanda cites the work
in his book 'Methods of Knowledge [thro' advaita vedanta]' and gives a
Bombay publisher as his source.

        On an other note, the ekajivavada and the theory of drishti-shristi
which closely parellels the modern day "subjective realism" [Perception
is creation] has been explained by Prakashananda in his work
vedanta siddhanta muktavali, which has also been translated into english.
Of course, this theory does not have a large following among advaitins.

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