A verse from Shankara's Shivaanandalaharii

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     There is a reference to the story of MaarkaNDeya in Shankara's
     Shivaanandalaharii. Shankara, out of sheer devotion, shows great
     concern for Lord Shiva's lotus feet, saying that they are subjected
     to hardship. So Shankara asks Lord Shiva to accept his mind as the
     footwear and move about wearing them.

     vakshhastaaDanam-antakasya kaThinaapasmaara-saMmardanaM
     bhuubhR^it-paryaTanaM namat-surashiraH-koTiira-saMgharshhaNaM |
     karmedaM mR^idulasya taavaka-padadvandvasya kiM vochitaM
     machchetomaNi-paadukaa-viharaNaM shaMbho sadaaN^giikuru || 64 ||

     vakshhastaaDanaM - kicking (or beating) the chest
     antakasya - of Yama or Death
     kaThinaapasmaara - (of) the hard apasmaara
     saMmardanaM - destruction
     bhuubhRitparyaTanaM - roaming about on Mount Kailaasa
     namatsurashiraH - of the heads of the gods bowing to (You)
     koTiirasaMgharshhaNam - rubbing of the crowns
     karmedaM - this work
     mR^idulasya - of the soft and tender
     taavakapadadvandvasya - Your two feet
     kiM vaa uchitaM - but is this proper?
     machchetomaNi - of the jewel of my mind
     paadukaa - sandals (footwear)
     viharaNaM - moving about
     shaMbho - O Lord Shambhu (Shiva)
     sadaa - always
     aN^giikuru - agree or accept

     O Shambhu! Kicking the chest of Yama, the destruction of the
     hard apasmaara (symbolising nescience), roaming about on Mount
     Kailaasa, being rubbed by the crowns of the gods bowing down to
     You, -- this is hard work those tender feet of Yours.
     But is this right?
     Please agree to move about wearing the sandals of my mind.

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        Just wanted to update and inform the readers of the grwoing
Sanskrit documents available on the web.

        A few documents, including Shankara's manisha panchakam, have
been recently added. The site contains many stotra-s (some of them
translated), two vedas (rig and saama), many major and minor upanishhad-s,
ramayana and mahabharata. This site has many Shankara's compositions,
which would be of interest to the advaita list.
        Several non-devotional works like an online dictionary, tutorials
to learn sanskrit, simple sentences for daily conversations etc are also
available. People are also interested in transliterating sanskrit works
which play with the language (for example, there is a palindrome, which
would give the gist of ramayana if read forward, and tell the story of
mahabharata if read backward) and also dramas, poetry in sanskrit.
        All files are now available in english transliteration, and
sanskrit text displayed as a .gif file. The sanskrit text can also be
obtained in a postscript format, for easy printing. If case you have an
trouble accessing the above site, please visit,


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