vedantins in recondite places?

egodust egodust at DIGITAL.NET
Sun Jan 26 14:25:03 CST 1997

Are these vedantins?
(catch the free spirit lovejolt):

"I am He as you are He
as you are me
and we are all together..."
       --John Lennon

"I wish I could write you
a melody so plain
that can hold you dear lady
from going insane,
that could ease you and cool you
and cease the pain
of your useless and pointless knowledge!"

"It's all in your mind;
don't let it dwell on these things..."

"All our souls are deeper
than you can see,
you can have everything
if you let yourself be."

"And the next time that we meet
        will be a re-run,
        you'll say 'be ONE...'
Oh if you could only trust,
someday, you know you really must,
try it...try it...mmmm you
better try it!"
       --Richie Havens


Freedom is what we're after.
Freedom is what we ARE......


Frank Maiello
"Who am I apart from Thee?"

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