Still Confusion regarding Shankara’s co

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Tue Jan 28 07:38:01 CST 1997

On Tue, 28 Jan 1997, Cameron Reilly wrote:

> No, I disagree. The pot and the three sided square have equal reality -
> both are nothing more than concepts in your mind. Advaita does NOT say the
> world is real at all. Advaita sayd the world is a mental concept. What is
> real is the Brahman. Everything else is sensory illusion.

Now you are creating duality.  You're saying there is something other than
Brahman.  The only things that can be like that are things like the
three-sided square that logically cannot exist at all.  Anything that
exists is real to some degree but the extent to which it is real is hidden
by maya.

If the world was only a concept in your mind than the first time anyone
achieved moksha the world would cease to exist.  This is patently
ridiculous.  The world cannot be simply wished away.

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