Still Confusion regarding Shankara’s co

Rushikesh K. Joshi rushi at BRONTO.IITM.ERNET.IN
Tue Jan 28 08:39:24 CST 1997

Jaldhar H. Vyas wrote ::

> If the world was only a concept in your mind then the first time anyone
> achieved moksha the world would cease to exist.  This is patently
> ridiculous.  The world cannot be simply wished away.

Can you say that the world that appears in your dream cannot be
wished away ?

It is just in your dream that people have obtained Moksha.
And hence it is pointless to search whether after a person gets Moksha
or Jnana, the world will still remain. "People got Jnana" is a dream in
your mind. It should not be taken much seriously.
Once these kinds of dreams are over, will there be any world left ?
Will there be the world, of the people in the dream, still exisiting ?

- Joshi

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