Time Bound

Martin Gifford marting at NSWCC.ORG.AU
Wed Jul 2 02:07:56 CDT 1997

Hi All !

Well I can see this one is going to keep me busy...  :-)

How is violence recognisable? Screams, blood, crying, etc.

Who is there to make a distinction? Beauty, love, intelligence, feelings.
You know.... human stuff, heart stuff.

Who is being violent to whom? An owned aspect of consciousness is being
violent to a disowned aspect of consciousness.

I am asking - What is the motivation for violence? Isn't it caused by the
sense of separation? If so, then when that sense of separation is gone,
violence should be gone too. Human violence is clearly a distortion caused
by ego. If a person has feelings (we spiritual philosophers tend to forget
about feelings) then it is more than a philisophical question.

Best wishes to All,

Martin Gifford.

At 02:15 AM 1/07/97 -0700, you wrote:

>Hi Mark,
>     But if, as you say, there "is no duality, no self/other split," then
>how is so-called "violence" (or, for that matter, even "non-violence") even
>recognizable as such?   "Who" is really there to be making  that distinction?
>     In other words, "who" is being "violent" towards "whom?"
>     When your ego seemingly disappears (it doesn't really exist in the
>first place),  there will be no separate one left to give "us" an answer,
>anyway.  What a paradox!
>                                With Blessings,
>                                        Chuck Hillig

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