Time Bound

Mark Hovila hovila at FOXINTERNET.NET
Wed Jul 2 02:16:50 CDT 1997


>      But Mark, if the "me" as an individual entity is non-existent, then
> the "you" who is seeing this "non-existent me" ALSO has to be
non-existent, too.

The "you" who sees is indeed nonexistent if it takes itself to be somebody,
a see-er.  Better to just be the seeing.  Or more simply put, just BE.

>      I  wonder, though, just how can the "me" ever be truly "absent" when
> that "me" was never really there at all in the first place?    If we
> acknowledge perfection, aren't we also equally implying the existence of
> its opposite......imperfection?

Imperfection is the failure to realize that perfection is staring us in the

>      Maybe we can only really speak of an "is-ness" which transcends all
> duality.  (But, then again, "who's" really "there" to do the speaking?)

Great question, as long as we remain in the "who."  As soon as we demand
the answer, we are lost again.

Have a nice trip.


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