Time Bound

Martin Gifford marting at NSWCC.ORG.AU
Wed Jul 2 04:04:49 CDT 1997

Hi again!

Re: the non-existent you. Conceptually and logically, the unknowable
perceiver is the only certain reality. If you want to deny the validity of
concepts and logic then I don't think we can't say anything about anything.
(And that is a very useful place for spiritual seekers at a particular stage
of development.)

Re: How can the "me" ever be truly "absent" when that "me" was never really
there? Well you could say the concept of "me" is absent.

Re: Does the acknowledgement of perfection imply the existence of
imperfection? Well I'd say perfection as it is generally imagined is a
fantasy. It is an ideal and ideals create separation which leads to
imperfection. Perhaps ideals were actually the original cause of our problems.

It is best to deal with imperfection than worry about perfection. But we
have to be very clear what the imperfection is. I think imperfection is the
sense of separateness.

Re: isness beyond duality and who will be there to do the speaking? When the
belief in duality is gone we won't be worried by the question then!... the
problems will be thankfully solved!?

Best wishes to All,


At 03:59 PM 1/07/97 -0700, you wrote:

>     But Mark, if the "me" as an individual entity is non-existent, then
>the "you" who is seeing this "non-existent me" ALSO has to be non-existent,
>     The world and that "me" to which you refer are the same.  There is only
>the Self.
>     I  wonder, though, just how can the "me" ever be truly "absent" when
>that "me" was never really there at all in the first place?    If we
>acknowledge perfection, aren't we also equally implying the existence of its
>     Maybe we can only really speak of an "is-ness" which transcends all
>duality.  (But, then again, "who's" really "there" to do the speaking?)
>                                 With Blessings,
>                                         Chuck Hillig
>P.S.  Thanks for the good dialogue, Mark.  I'll be off-line until the 8th.

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