Time Bound

Martin Gifford marting at NSWCC.ORG.AU
Wed Jul 2 04:00:48 CDT 1997

Hi Mark!

Human violence is caused by thinking. e.g. during world war 2 some humans
said I am a German and you are an Englishman therefore I shall kill you and
vice versa. Purely conceptual (fired by repressed instinctuality also caused
by thought, punishment, etc.)

And what about so called female circumcision, torture and the fact that in
some places in India wives are thrown onto their dead husbands funeral fire

Lions kill deers out of instinct and don't know any better. Same for animals
eating thier young.

We are part of nature but we have the ability to reflect on our experience
and we have conscience and a heart.

Re: acknowledging nature and humanities' ultimate perfection in those
moments when we abide in our own perfection, nondual Presence. YES! That's
the goal! Mind you, those moments are all too rare!


At 01:16 AM 2/07/97 -0700, you wrote:
>As a human I share your feelings about human violence.  But why do you make
>the distinction between the violence of nature and human violence?  If a
>lion kills a deer (or another lion) why is that okay, but it is not okay
>for a man to kill a man?  What about animals that eat their young?  Why is
>that okay for them, but not for us?  Let's remember that we are part of
>nature too.
>I think it is possible to acknowledge humanity's imperfections, as well as
>the imperfections of the rest of nature, while at the same time
>acknowledging its ultimate perfection.  Possible, that is, in those moments
>when we abide in our own perfection, nondual Presence.

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