Time Bound /Krishna & Maha Bharata

Raju Chatry Raju100 at AOL.COM
Fri Jul 4 09:33:27 CDT 1997

Namaste Martin,
 Hope you will read Sri Mad Bhagbat Geeta to clear your misunderstanding, To
me Krishna is full of compassion , Krishna is full of love. I beg your pardon
I could not respond you with full of logics, I am just a child seeking to get
light of knowledge to awake my self from this Maya. Other than that I have
enjoyed your debate in Advaita, I also apologise If I  offended you. After
your conversation  I was able to get lots of clearification about Adwaita
 philosophies, perhaps your efforts was trying to encourage other to come in
front & speak, If it is so credit goes to you, Thank you. Namaste. Raju

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