Brahman and Time

Allan Curry un824 at FREENET.VICTORIA.BC.CA
Fri Jul 4 18:07:20 CDT 1997


I read in the Bhagavat Gita yesterday that no sin is more terrible than
doubt. Therefore I will risk what I thought was the most terrible sin (ie.
pretending to be God) and announce that I am Brahman and so are you, just
as we are. This isn't really news, the Upanishads have been telling us this
forever (I think). One of my  questions  (which was actually just doubt in
disguise) was how was it possible to be Brahman and a bozo simultaneously.
Here's an answer (may be wrong of course, so "let the buyer beware"...)

The absolute subject (Purusha) and the absolute object (Prakriti) are like
the front and back faces of a single wave that we call time. Brahman is
what the wave is in. We humans are parts of the total occurence of everything
happening all at once. This occurence is one single thing like a giant
carrier wave and each individual pattern is multi-plexed into the big wave
and every other individual pattern at the same time. Each individual
pattern can be said to *be* the big carrier wave of time and each
individual pattern can be said to *be* each other pattern to the extent
that none can be absolutely separated from the others and none can be
absolutely separated from Brahman (ie. what the wave is in).

If this sounds improbable, you might find it interesting that an Emeritus
Professor of Physics told me recently that in his opinion the physical
universe is a set of quantum fields, each of which covers all of space and
affects every other field.


Allan Curry


Someone wanted to know how to get over the illusion of time because they
thought it was the biggest hurdle to enlightenment. I think you "get over"
it by recognizing that it is you or at least you are travelling in the same
direction and at the same speed as it (time). This makes it seem stopped,
just like you don't notice the speed of the plane you are flying in. At a
deeper level of the "wave" it seems as if nothing has ever happened...

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