Time Bound (revisited)

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>                                         srim
>Namste Chuck!
>We are just infants have not reached the stage you did.   How could you say
>Ego does not exist in the first place.  You are right in a larger sense but
>if ego does not exist we would not be having this discussion at all.

     Needing an ego to have a discussion is about as important as needing
the actor to also be present when his image appears on the screen.

>Do you know Maharishi Valmiki who wrote Ramayan and how it all began.  One
>day Valmiki goes to river for a bath.  There he saw two birds mating.  One
>bird was suddenly hit by arrow.  The Maharishi could not stand the violence
>and he gives a curse to the man who shot the arrow.   It is just a bird that
>made maharishi angry.

     And, I believe, Christ once cursed a fig tree.

     It's paradoxical but there can be feelings without a feeler.

>Think of humans suppose to be highly evolved, killing each other.  Sometimes
>this question pops up in my mind.   There were several mahatmas at the time
>of world war II.   When maharishi valmiki  moved by the death of a bird how
>come these mahatmas in forties did not do anything when Hitler exterminating
>jews, hindus and moslems kill each in kashmir and christiansa kill each other
>in Ireland.
>hey have the power to stop it.
>Could you answer this for me when you come back.
>                                                               Nageswar

     Perhaps the mahatmas didn't do anything to stop Hitler for the same
reason that Krishna didn't do anything to stop the battle that Arjuna was
about to engage in.
     When you arm wrestle with yourself, the winner and loser are both the same.

                                           With Blessings,

                                              Chuck Hillig

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