The Karmas and our destiny

Jonathan Bricklin brickmar at EARTHCOM.NET
Wed Jul 9 12:33:12 CDT 1997

> The logical position of advaita is extremely clear about this. Destiny is
> just the sum total of the fruits of all previous actions.

Clear but illogical without a starting place for the first action which
presumably would have gotten the ball rolling.

> If you take the position that all future actions are predestined, and
> that one is helpless against such a superhuman force, you might as well
> deny any possibility of attaining jnAna

If you take the position that all actions are predestined you begin to
dissolve the sense of an actor doing the actions.  It would seem to me that
might put you on the yellow brick road as well as well as any other
spiritual practice.

>By exercising free will

Is this like taking a dog for a walk or are "you" doing the exercising?

> one brings upon a certain destiny

If you feel you are originating anything (and free will has no meaning
without that sense) then avidya is present.

Jonathan Bricklin

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