The Karmas and our destiny

Charles A. Hillig chillig at JETLINK.NET
Wed Jul 9 07:17:11 CDT 1997

>Actually my problem is much more fundamental. My typing this mail. Is this free
> will
>or destiny?
>Should we say there is both destiny and free will and circumstances decide
> is which.
>   :Read the yoga vAsishTa - there are answers to many of your questions
>   :there.
>I will try. Can you suggest a simple translation.
>But thanks guys, this discussion is of much value to me. If there is a single
> most
>issue which keeps me occupied, it is this..

Hello again,

     Doesn't the notion of  free will and destiny ultimately depend on the
actual existence of a SEPARATE someone who can, then, individually
experience having either this "free will" or this "destiny?"

     But if all separation is truly illusory, then isn't any talk of "free
will" or "destiny" a lot like arguing about the probable water temperature
of a lake mirage in the desert?

     Just like there is no actual lake out there in the desert  to be having
a temperature, there's also no SEPARATE self actually present to be having
either a "free will" or a "destiny."

                                With Blessings,

                                     Chuck Hillig

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