The Karmas and our destiny

Venkat Puntambekar venkatp at SYNOPSYS.COM
Wed Jul 9 12:53:08 CDT 1997

Vidya wrote:

    :these karmas have already started coming to fruition (prArabdha) while
   :some more karmas are yet to bear fruit (sancita). If actions continue,
   :they will also have their fruit in the future (Agamin).

Firstly, I read about Kriyamana karma, which are potential karmas. Is Agamin
same as kriyamana. I have also read that, Sancita karmas are ike arrows sitting
in quiver ready to be shot. But they will be shot IF the CONDITIONS are ripe.
just like a seed sprouting if the soils is good, properly fertilized etc.. ANd
Kriyamana karmas are arrows yet to be made but all the requisite material is

I also heard someone say "we SEEM to have free will", unlike animals or other
who act spontaneously. What does this mean in the context of prarabhda karma. I
understand the fact that both Sancita and Kriyamana (perhaps Agamin) karma can
 be avoided,
which become clear from the arrow and archery example Chandran pointed out. But
somehow this prarabhda karma is most troubling.

Also I would be more interested fo find out how Karmas can be burnt. I do not
finding out when the first Karma happenned is of much consequence. It might just
make us feel dejected because we will have to own them then:-)

   :To talk about free will and destiny as if either is an absolute, is to
   :grant more than is due to these two. Destiny and free will have no
   :existence apart from each other.

Lets say I do everything to give my child, the best education, best upbringing
 etc. But
he turns out to be not a useful citizen (read an idiot), then should I blame his
destiny or blame myself in not exercising better free will.

Actually my problem is much more fundamental. My typing this mail. Is this free
or destiny?
Should we say there is both destiny and free will and circumstances decide which
 is which.

   :Read the yoga vAsishTa - there are answers to many of your questions

I will try. Can you suggest a simple translation.

But thanks guys, this discussion is of much value to me. If there is a single
issue which keeps me occupied, it is this..


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