How I think things are.

Martin Gifford marting at NSWCC.ORG.AU
Thu Jul 10 03:46:35 CDT 1997

Hi All !

Here follows my current theory on how things are. It adds to our current
debates on karma, oneness vs multiplicity, etc.

1) The physical plane is a form of creation and a canvas for further
creation. It is within the one Self.

2) The physical plane has a slow rate of vibration. Things happen slowly.

3) Bodies (which are the limbs of creation, and also windows to experience
creation) are born, which is painful, and are then subject to limited
experience because the senses are limited.

4) Based on these limited experiences bodies come to fixed conclusions to
avoid perceived threats to survival.

5) These conclusions are variations on the idea "I am a separate entity who
must fight for survival and further experience".

6) This has temporarily destructive consequences but is an unavoidable
by-product of the growth stage of body/brains in this slow physical plane.

7) At some point enquiry begins and continues until the discovery that 'all
is one' occurs.

8) This discovery slowly spreads to other body/mind mechanisms resulting in

9) Then the body/mind mechanisms become instruments for further

10) Some body/mind mechanisms decide that since only the Self exists all
perceptions are illusions because there is no other object to perceive. And
that therefore there is nothing to do or not do and nothing to change.

11) This would ultimately lead to the end of creation and exploration. But
in reality it doesn't because creation (movement and rest) is the only
option! :-)

Best to All,


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