Destiny & Free will

Srinivas Prasad prasad at NSRC.NUS.SG
Thu Jul 10 22:27:48 CDT 1997

> Date:    Wed, 9 Jul 1997 10:53:08 PDT
> From:    Venkat Puntambekar <venkatp at SYNOPSYS.COM>
> Subject: Re: The Karmas and our destiny
> Lets say I do everything to give my child, the best education,
best upbringing etc But
> he turns out to be not a useful citizen (read an idiot), then should I blame
> destiny or blame myself in not exercising better free will.
   My Take is  " AT Micro level every thing is free will but at macro
   level (Over a period of 10-20 yr scale) every thing is Destiny.

   We all are like a Each Video Tape cassete already recorded and God is
  playing the cassette and watching with Play only mode. One can't
   Reverse it or Fast farward it..... So just enjoy the Ride called
  "Universe" it is an experince.

  About Child, giving good education , food etc is your duty after that
  it is his destiny. if you are convinced that you have done your duty
  what ever happens later you should not feel bad if he becomes Idiot.
  Or you should not run with joy if he becomes an Einstein. Then you
  will reach a state called "Stitha Pragna" as per BG. 2.55/56

  If you get attached to the results  one has to go back to "Punarapi
  jananam and Punarpi Maranam" .................


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