Unreal actions and actors

Thu Jul 10 16:36:56 CDT 1997

  Allan Curry wrote:

>So all this typing to Advaita-L is illusory activity undertaken by illusory
>agents?  This is not a rhetorical question. I'd like to talk to an illusion
>or to Brahman, as the case may be...    :-)

   Yes, all this typing to the Advaita-L is illusory and is done by
   illusory agents. The same question may, of course, be asked of
   the Guru, shruti, God, and so on. What then is the utility of
   these things? The answer is by means of an analogy of dreams.
   You see a ferocious tiger in your dream, ready to pounce on you.
   You wake up perspiring. Now, the tiger in the dream was illusory,
   and so was your fear of it. Yet, the illusory tiger caused a
   real effect, namely, the perspiration, and it also caused you
   to wake up.

   The role of the Guru, shruti, God, discussions, etc. is similar.

   So I hope the discussions here will be at least a part of the tiger
   which will wake us up! Otherwise, we will have to look for that
   part of the tiger somewhere else. :-)


>Allan Curry


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