Unreal actions and actors

Allan Curry un824 at FREENET.VICTORIA.BC.CA
Wed Jul 9 18:59:06 CDT 1997

Vidyasankar writes:

>My point is this. If one is talking of karma, one is conceding the
>existence of avidyA. The realm of avidyA is the realm of dvandvas,
>opposites. Given this avidyA, what is the use of talking only about
>destiny, without also talking about will?

the Panchadasi says: "Doubt, dispute and explanation all depend on language
which means duality. In the language of Unity there can be no question and
no answer."  Even though "talking about Advaita" is therefore an oxymoron,
I'll just go right on blabbing, because there won't be much to say if we
all stick to the "language of Unity"...

As soon as a person is assumed then there are problems entailed by that
assumption which seem to persist as long as and with the strength of that
original assumption itself. But assumptions can only function as if they
were truths until they are examined. They will then be seen to be actually
true or they will be seen through as not truly existing. As astounding as
it may seem, Gaudapada assures us "There is in Reality no dissolution, no
creation, none in bondage, no pupilage, none desirous of liberation, none
liberated; -- this is the Absolute Truth"!!!  A truly existing world with a
person like you in it have merely appeared to exist but in Reality none of
this has EVER actually occured!!!  Is Advaita implying anything the least
bit short of this astounding challenge?

The whole self-enquiry thing (as I understand it) is directed toward the
ego, not the Self. If we honestly look for the self that we take ourselves
to be then it will be seen to not be there! This would be the vision which
Consciousness has. When Consciousness is seeing there is nothing else to
see (and therefore nothing to question) and no owner of this seeing apart
from the seeing itself (and therefore no one to question anything if there
was anything else there to question).  What's it like?  The Panchadasi says
"The bliss of Knowledge is the Silence of indescribable wonder."

So all this typing to Advaita-L is illusory activity undertaken by illusory
agents?  This is not a rhetorical question. I'd like to talk to an illusion
or to Brahman, as the case may be...    :-)


Allan Curry

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